Happy EID ENIX Community

40% Bonus on Donations available untill 3/8 00:00 GMT+2

We will host many in-game events during this period to celebrate, stay there!

ENIX Online

ENIX Online Offical Dates

Phase I Starts in (15th of July)
We will test the skills, balance between builds, Alchemy Rate and Our New Features including the New Dungeons.
Event of Phase I
On this phase we going to launch a PvP Event , Top 1 acquire silks at Grand Opening.
Phase II Starts in (17th of July)
Phase number Two has created to test all of the system and to ensure that everything is working perfectly fine.furthermore, We will test out the Beta one modifications and Fortress War. That's it? The answer is NO , There's a Unique Event too for silks at Grand Opening.
Event of Phase II
The Guild that occupied the town will be rewarded , The Winners of Unique Event will be rewarded as well on the Grand Opening , The reward is silks for sure.
Grand Openning
Our Grand opening will start after beta phases Join the grand opening of ENIX Online silkroad server and earn the most glorious moment We took everything into consideration, and made a final decision that our grand opening will be held at on 21.7.2020